The painting

Staring at the blank canvas in front of their eyes, two lovers wondered how they would decorate it. They would never agree on anything. One was impulsive and hot-tempered; the other was calm and thoughtful. One was loud; the other was soft-spoken. One was outgoing; the other was withdrawn from the world. They were so different, yet so alike.
They had decided each of them would pick a color to paint the canvas without telling one another their choice of color.
“We don’t want one color to overpower the other, though,” said one of them.
Each morning, both painted their view of life. In the beginning, they had fun throwing whole paint cans on the canvas before gently refining their art with a wooden brush.
Explosions of black quickly overlaid the vast white background. In the middle, streaks of white sought their way through the darkness.
Days passed, and the coal-black took more and more space on the pearly white. The white color was starting to suffocate among all this darkness that was moving forward.
The black overshadowed the entire canvas. The white was stained forever.
The more they were painting, the more the two colors embraced each other and gave birth to a unique gray. Soon, no trace of the original colors appeared anymore.
Together, their artwork was gray, sometimes pale, sometimes dark. No other gray looked the same, and the more the lovers searched elsewhere, the less they found a similar smoky color.
Sitting in front of the canvas, the two of them contemplated their masterpiece in silence. It was strangely beautiful and impressive. How could two such opposite colors give such a unique, intriguing mix?
“I can’t add white; there’s none left. I’m exhausted,” said one of them, lying down on the couch in front of the wall art, eyes slowly closing.
“Maybe if I don’t add anymore black, we could get used to this color,” replied the other.
“I’m glad you see it that way,” whispered the half-asleep one, displaying a faint smile.

©2021 Teodora D.

Image by Ramiro Pianarosa from Unsplash

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