Introducing The Writer’s Ambience

Fellow writers,

I haven’t been really active on my blog and social media these past weeks as I was working on another dear project of mine.

Since I am in a creative bubble for my debut novel at the moment, I have had some setbacks in terms of inspiration. Perhaps it’s only me, but I like to feel as if I am in a movie when I write scenes. So, I searched on YouTube forever and never quite found music playlists that would help me get in a specific mood, nor an entire ambient channel made for writers.

That is how I got the idea to combine my passion for writing with music and video. By blending specific music genres and cinematic video clips, I try to create an immersive experience to spark inspiration. I have tested it on myself and it works for me, and I figured it would help some hard-working writers out there as well. I also plan to do “write with me” sessions, so stay tuned.

If that is something you’re interested in, I’ll be happy to welcome you to the community! Simply click on the image below to access my channel, find your genre, and subscribe to see more. I am still working on it, of course, and if you already have a specific genre or scene idea you would like to see alive in a video, please let me know and I’ll be glad to create one for you!

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