A Mystical Encounter

A Mystical Encounter

You are walking into the woods, searching for inspiration for your next story.

You stumble suddenly onto a mysterious open book left on a tree trunk. The book guides you to an old mystical house hidden in the forest. You start walking that way until you arrive in front of a beautiful alley of stairs lit by candles.

As you enter the old house, you are welcomed by a mysterious laugh. A woman appears in front of you, claiming she is a powerful witch. She’s offering you to read into your future first, then concoct you a potion especially for you based on what she saw in her crystal ball.

What did she see, and what is the potion for?

As she blows out a candle supernaturally, signifying the end of your visit, you walk down the stairs and take a pause in the alley, still wondering about this encounter and your next magical story.

Get immersed into a mystical session with a magical background to write your work of fiction. Put on a loop if your writing session is longer than 1 hour.

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