Video Writing Prompt #3

You are invited to play chess against the best in the world. Will you crack under pressure, or will you become one of the greatest? Get immersed in this one-on-one inspired by The Queen's Gambit to the sound of chamber music. Don't forget to like and subscribe to The Writer's Ambience if you enjoy and... Continue Reading →

Video Writing Prompt #1

Last night, you were looking through your car window to an apartment complex where you suspect a wanted criminal stays. Back at your office in the morning, your phone rings, and a deep voice whispers. What does it say? Get creative with this upbeat version of the detective office, with typewriter sounds and rhythmic jazz... Continue Reading →

Write With Me

Hello writers,I invite you to a super productive writing session on my Youtube channel.I have recorded a full hour of writing with no breaks, and I added some relaxing music over the natural typing sounds to help you focus.So get ready at your computer, press play, and get writing!For this session, I have written 1270... Continue Reading →


We yearn for silence,Some quiet, peaceful momentsA united world ©2022 Teodora D. Image by Javardh from Unsplash


Hear the lullabyHalf-awake, half daydreamingEntirely alive ©2022 Teodora D. Image by Johannes Plenio from Unsplash


The sky turns to greySocial chaos turns to calmWonderful snowstorm ©2022 Teodora D. Image by Shawn Dearn from Unsplash


If you don’t believeOr pay attention to itIs a story true? ©2022 Teodora D. Image by Jon Tyson from Unsplash

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