Laugh more than you cryGive more love than you receiveTell me how you feel ©2021 Teodora D. Image by Allef Vinicius from Unsplash


What is a feelingOther than the pure knowingOf what your heart wants? ©2021 Teodora D. Image by Milan Popovic from Unsplash

Look up

Let it down, look upSee these beautiful brown eyesWhen your guard is down? ©2021 Teodora D. Image by Rhett Wesley from Unsplash


If we were all kindNo one would ever want toStand against us all ©2021 Teodora D. Image by Nathan Fertig from Unsplash


They tell us to hideBut they can never dictateWhat we believe in ©2021 Teodora D. Image by Ravi Kumar from Unsplash


Maybe one day we’llHave our first moment again,And we’ll make it last ©2021 Teodora D. Image by Tirza van Dijk from Unsplash


There she goes through lifeWandering backwards from allThey run; she stays calm ©2021 Teodora D. Image by Etienne Boulanger from Unsplash

5 tips to beat writer’s block

Writer's block. You have most probably heard about it at least once in your life, and maybe you've even experienced it. But is writer's block a self-limiting excuse, or is it real? The debate is still very much alive in the writing community. But whatever side you are on, writer's block is a problem that... Continue Reading →


Whatever happensIn this crazy world of ours,Know your own power ©2021 Teodora D. Image by Dan DeAlmeida from Unsplash

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