Video Writing Prompt #9: Thriller & Mystery Writers

It's a full moon tonight, and you decide to get adventurous in the woods. You stumble across a mysterious and odd-looking house. You bravely enter by the back door and get intrigued by the mystical lighting coming out of the room across the hall. What is in that room?

Video Writing Prompt #3

You are invited to play chess against the best in the world. Will you crack under pressure, or will you become one of the greatest? Get immersed in this one-on-one inspired by The Queen's Gambit to the sound of chamber music. Don't forget to like and subscribe to The Writer's Ambience if you enjoy and... Continue Reading →

Video Writing Prompt #1

Last night, you were looking through your car window to an apartment complex where you suspect a wanted criminal stays. Back at your office in the morning, your phone rings, and a deep voice whispers. What does it say? Get creative with this upbeat version of the detective office, with typewriter sounds and rhythmic jazz... Continue Reading →

Write With Me

Hello writers,I invite you to a super productive writing session on my Youtube channel.I have recorded a full hour of writing with no breaks, and I added some relaxing music over the natural typing sounds to help you focus.So get ready at your computer, press play, and get writing!For this session, I have written 1270... Continue Reading →

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