The fire

From ashes to flamesThe fire once extinguishedStarts dancing again ©2022 Teodora D. Image by Maxim Tajer from Unsplash


Chaos or quietWhat is within is withoutPolish the mirror ©2022 Teodora D. Image by Garidy Sanders from Unsplash

Three Words

As the snow melts downAnd buried feelings unfreeze,Three words greet the sun ©2022 Teodora D. Image by James Yarema from Unsplash


We yearn for silence,Some quiet, peaceful momentsA united world ©2022 Teodora D. Image by Javardh from Unsplash


Hear the lullabyHalf-awake, half daydreamingEntirely alive ©2022 Teodora D. Image by Johannes Plenio from Unsplash


The sky turns to greySocial chaos turns to calmWonderful snowstorm ©2022 Teodora D. Image by Shawn Dearn from Unsplash


If you don’t believeOr pay attention to itIs a story true? ©2022 Teodora D. Image by Jon Tyson from Unsplash


Laugh more than you cryGive more love than you receiveTell me how you feel ©2021 Teodora D. Image by Allef Vinicius from Unsplash


What is a feelingOther than the pure knowingOf what your heart wants? ©2021 Teodora D. Image by Milan Popovic from Unsplash

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