See You on the Other Side

Today marks the fifth day you have come on this path. Here you are, for the last time this week, only days before starting it all over again next week. What a dreadful face you have; what has gotten into you? You have done this all your life, and you will probably continue doing the... Continue Reading →

The million-dollar penny

A young boy was sitting on a bench, swinging his feet back and forth, waiting for his mother to finish her shift at the nearby clothing factory. As he was kicking small rocks to pass the time, he bent down when he saw something that did not look like a usual rock. "It's money!" he... Continue Reading →

Sunshine and rainbows

On her way home, a young woman was dribbling her basketball while walking down the side of a road coasted by a vast forest. As darkness fell, thunderstorms could be heard, predicting a torrent of lightning and rain later in the evening. There was less and less traffic on the road, yet the woman did... Continue Reading →

The phone call

"No, no Brian, that's what I'm telling you; we can't go and hide it there, where it can easily be found."Molly was playing peacefully with her dolls in her room when she overheard her mother talking on the phone in the next room. Curious as any 5-year-old girl would be, she enjoyed wondering with her... Continue Reading →

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