Photo by Michael Dziedic on Unsplash An excerpt from "Me VS Myself"©2022 Teodora D.

The fire

From ashes to flamesThe fire once extinguishedStarts dancing again ©2022 Teodora D. Image by Maxim Tajer from Unsplash


Chaos or quietWhat is within is withoutPolish the mirror ©2022 Teodora D. Image by Garidy Sanders from Unsplash

See You on the Other Side

Today marks the fifth day you have come on this path. Here you are, for the last time this week, only days before starting it all over again next week. What a dreadful face you have; what has gotten into you? You have done this all your life, and you will probably continue doing the... Continue Reading →

Three Words

As the snow melts downAnd buried feelings unfreeze,Three words greet the sun ©2022 Teodora D. Image by James Yarema from Unsplash

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